LA.5: Schindler & Neutra

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Schindler House

R.M. Schindler (1887-1853) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts under Adolf Loos and arrived in the United States in 1914. Initially he was working for Ottenheimer, Stern & Reichart in Chicago. A big admirer of Frank Llyod Wright, he was able to secure work with him in 1918. Schindler left Wright's Studio after completing the Barnsdall project in 1921. 

The Schindler/Chase Studio House (1921-22) is one of his most important works. Featuring a modernist canon, the studio house has regarded as the clearest example of Schindler's principles. Built as a double house for the Schindlers and the Chases, the house speaks of honest materials, efficiency and economy. I love the simplicity of the kitchen with its flat red wood panels and ergonomic lay-out. Japanese and Spanish influences are detectable in the way the plan opens all rooms to the atrium as well as the surrounding garden and elegantly marries inside with outside. The Schindler House is beautiful - a classic in modern architecture!

Located on 833 N. Kings Road, West Hollywood CA 90069. 
To learn more, visit The Schindler House


While in West Hollywood...

Two houses to explore down the street. 

Top left: Apartment Building, Islamic Revival 1925, Carl Kay, on Sweetzer at Waring Aves.
Top center: 
Apartment Building, Islamic Revival 1925, Carl Kay, detail. 
Top right: Duplex, 1936, William P. Kesling, on 754-756 Harper Ave.

VDL Research Compound

Richard Neutra (1892 - 1970) is considered to be one of the most important modernist architects.  Neutra studied under Adolf Loos at the Vienna University of Technology. He came to the United States in 1921 and briefly worked for Frank Lloyd Wright. After accepting an invitation from his close university friend R. M. Schindler, he  moved to Southern California, where he lived and built for the majority of his career. 

The VDL Research Compound is named after Dir CH Van Der Leeuw, a dutch philanthropist, whose no-interest loan helped Richard Neutra build a radical, two story international style house with rooftop and balcony gardens. It was designed to accommodate Neutra's studio office and two residences. Built in 1933, it partially burned in 1963. The VDL Research Compound, the epitome of Neutra's aesthetic and beliefs, offers daily tours by Cal Poly Pomona Architecture students. 

Located on on 2300 E. Silver Blvd, Silver Lake CA 90036
For tours, visit VDL
To learn more, visit Neutra History


While in Silver Lake…..

Silver Lake, despite being a small district, has a high concentration of first-rate architecture. It is one of the most important places in LA to visit. Modernists: Schindler, Neutra, Ain, Soriano, Harris, Lautner abound!

To learn more, visit Silver Lake Architecture.  

Top left: Colony of Neutra Houses at Neutra Place.
Top center: 
Bubeshko Apartments by R. M. Schindler (1938 right; 1941 left) located on 2036-40 Griffith Park Blvd.
Top right: 
Bubeshko Apartments by R. M. Schindler, detail.