A devotion to simplicity, color and material is the thread that runs through my work. 

“Wohn schön” is to live beautifully. The more we surround ourselves with alluring pieces that hold personal meaning, the more we find serenity, harmony and joy in our home. 


Interiors are best lived in when harmonized with our life styles. Applying design, material and color in a mindful way creates balance to everyday life. Therefore I approach each project as its own, synthesizing my client's narrative and vision. 


I draw inspiration from my European background and art history; with Pipilotti Rist, Josef Albers and Johannes Itten being major influences when it comes to color. And also the world we live in - with its buildings, materials, colors and other creations - never ceases to fascinate and inspire me.  


Suzy Baur has over fifteen years experience.
Holds an Interior Designer Certification from CCIDC.
Obtained her Master of Fine Arts from the University Zurich, Switzerland.
Her studio is based in Oakland.

Bornemisza Bárzsony Tisza. 
Studio mascot.
Thinks everyone is her best friend. 
Wishes she ran her own pet store. 
Enjoys shopping furniture instead.